Update: 2009 May 9
Welcome ..
the study of cell signalling systems to advance biomedical research in academia and industry.
KiNET features the quantitative results from nearly 5000 Kinetworks" multi-immunoblots
with over 200,000 measurements of several hundred proteins and phospho-sites. All of these
assays were performed in-house at Kinexus. Over 95% of the data in KiNET has never been published
Instructions ..
KiNET is designed to be relatively simple to navigate and features a frequently asked questions (FAQ)
page and a downloadable pdf with instructions from the "HELP" button. You can search for expression
and phosphorylation data by the name of a protein, a treatment or a cell/tissue type. Through the use
of built in filters, you can further narrow down your searches in KiNET. On occasion, you may
encounter an error message. In this circumstance, you should restart your web browser and begin KiNET again.
We are presently trying to upgrade the underlying software for KiNET to rectify this problem.
Coming Soon..
KiNET presently holds about half of the Kinetworks" multi-immunoblotting data that has
been generated by Kinexus, and we intend to update KiNET with this additional data shortly. Later this
years, we also plan to release another KiNET database with the results of over 1500 Kinex" antibody
microarrays that have been performed in-house at Kinexus.
Advertising Opportunities ..
KiNET was initially funded with partial support from the National Research Council of Canada
Industrial Research Assistance Program. To further develop and sustain this free resource, we are
seeking sponsorship from foundations and corporations. Interested parties should contact our Sales
and Marketing Department at info@kinexus.ca or call toll free in North America 1-866-KINEXUS.
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This is a free on-line resource developed by Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation to foster